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Maribor - Europe's City of Culture 2012
World War II Memorial in Maribor
Window sign at Beadsi store, downtown Maribor
Display of my products in Art Trade store, Europark Mall, Maribor
Samples of student's Sutton Slice work
The modern blends with the old in Maribor
Walking around Maribor
Detail of Maribor's Palace
Inside the amazing Beadsi store, Maribor
Inside the bell tower of a church, Maribor
Inside the bell tower of the a church
More beautiful Slovenian architecture!
Love the Detail!
The Patron Saint of Icy Windshields?
World's Oldest Grape Vine, Maribor
Seaside town of Piran, Slovenia
The very clear waters of Piran, Slovenia
Ah, Venezia!
Window display, Venice, Italy
Venetian Candy Store
Nothing beats Italian Gelato!
I could walk through Venice forever!
Takes my breath away - Venice, Italy
What a creative window display - Venice, Italy
St. Mark's Square, Venice, Italy
In St. Mark's Square, Venice
Gondolas awaiting riders, Venice
SWAROVSKI Store, Venice, Italy
Olive window display - yum!
The sun goes down on Venice
Cauliflower in Venetian marketplace
Entrance to the Art Trade store in Europark Mall, Maribor
Happy Birthday Primoz!
Ludwig the Rabbit (tied for first place)
Let the judging begin - School Children's Rabbit Competition, Maribor
Other worthy entries
Not that's some serious Nutella!
This was a mango dream!
Dinner with our hosts and a few of the teachers.
That's what I call dessert
Great signage for my classes!
Claying Around with Mihaela!
Signage throughout the Europark Mall, Maribor
How much fun!
At the Art Trade Store, Europark, Maribor