> Prague 2011

Not your typical apartment building exterior!
Love the details!
Even the covering of contruction scaffolding is beautiful.
I adore Mucha and Art Deco
Another ancient gateway
A closer view of this amazing building
View of a monastery.
Close up of one of the many tulip trees around the city.
Hello Prague!
The self snap. I love to take these shots.
When I think Communisim, I think Teddy Bears!
More Belle Epoque details on buildings!
Views like this can be seen all around. Amazing!
Inside one of the many cathedrals we toured.
Sheesh...graffiti from 1826 on the choir railing in a cathedral.
Signs of Spring were all around.
Chocolate cake and wine on the restaurant door...
Can't get enough of the beauty all around.
How sweet is this restaurant's window box?
Allen at the gate to the Charles Bridge
Words can't describe how amazing this city is!
A stunning street view from the Charles Bridge
No this isn't Venice!
A view of the Charles Bridge
Crystals adorn our hotel room. Yeah baby!
We arrive in Uhersky Ostroh, home of Allen's Grandfather.
Hanging in Uhersky Ostroh's beautiful town square.
Love the art deco on the restaurant wall, Uhersky Ostroh
Looking at the back of Allen's, Grandfather's house...
Castle in the countryside as seen from the car.
With the gorgeous Petra!
The amazing and lovely Carol Blackburn.
Greeting day one's class
Outside the converted granery where classes where held
In the clay zone!
Even the street hole covers were gorgeous!
Day 1 Class
Group 1
The stairs of the historic building where we had classes
Carol and Derek at a very artistic restaurant
Out on the town with Petr and Petra
Prague's Old Town Square by night
Time for a snack
The instructors are gifted on the last day by Petra and Petr...
I'm adoring my gift of beads from all the students!
Day 3 Class
This is why I love GPS!