> Greece 2010

A truly moving experience...
More from the Acropolis in Athens
Sunrise view from our bathroom window.
My kinda truck!
Loads of hills and tons of walking...
Pinch me!
Allen in front of our hotel suite.
To pretty to eat.
Lovely eateries everywhere you turn.
Who needs Coronas when you can have Mythos!
Making new friends.
Too beautiful for words.
A typical - if you can call it that - sunset.
If there's crystal...
Let 'er rip!
Love the architecture all around.
Ah Paradise!
Breathtaking view of Oia at midday.
Just one pathway down the street, lovely!
One of Oias famed windmills.
There's always time to shop!
Yes it's only 1000 calories a bite...
Looking for a little shade to torch fire with
Nearly the whole gang
Heading out to sea...
Jen and Me - we made it!
Joel takes a dip in the sea.
Now that's what I call grilling!
Kim catches some rays while she clays.
Ladies who lunch.
Kathy Extrudes!
Yet another glorious view!
Sunset over Oia
Jewelry Field Trip
Hanging out in our favorite pub.
Don't roll those fingers Jen!
Overwhelmed by the generosity...
Santorini as the first star appears.