> Crystal Chix Cruise '10

Girls Gotta Have Beignets
The Chen Family - VIPs!
Now that's a lot of SWAG in those bags!
Watching Lilian work her magic
Busy Bees
Hey, I can do this!
It was this big!!!
Dinner is always a good time.
Surprise birthday celebration for moi from my girlfriends.
Kellie Defries demos
Lilian admires a student's work during one the demo nights.
Cindy hands out Ramma-Lamma Ding Dong Goodie Bags...
Wherever you go, here we are!
Waiter! There's a Paparazzi in my glass!!!
How that's some queso - "FUN" dido!
Paparazzi Down!
Anyone for a sail-in movie?
Yes, it's really Lisa's (Slammy's) B-Day!
Your Smiling Staff
Ready to hit the town
Hey Timmy, that coconut could use a little crystal.
Ready to ride!
Crystal Queens Kellie Defries and Cindy Wilson