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January 17, 2013


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Lisa Pavelka

Hi Debra,

I'm so honored if my actions or work have inspired you in any way. I love the sound of your plan. I think you'll really like the Crystal Jewelry Inspirations book. You can use polymer clay with crystal and other epoxy clays. Just to be clear, the two can be used with the same piece, but not actually be mixed together. I have found that when adding polymer clay to pieces I've created using epoxy clay caused no changes or damages to the later. I wish you all the best with your creations and am always happy to help if you have any questions. I'd also love to see you come up with in your Random Acts of Creativity and epoxy clay work. Happy Claying!

Debra Vallett

I love your sharing of creativity thru random acts. And I've been thinking of getting the new crystal book, but held off as I'm trying to follow a budget, and I wanted to mix with polymer, but wasn't sure. I have many ideas and little time. So. Reading your blog has led me to two maybe three decisions:
1. Buy the book
2. Perhaps use creativity as one or more random acts of kindness that we are promoting in our school
3. I Have to use more Energy as I'm So thrilled reading of your passion and adventures. I can start with addressing my passion by action vs just viewing and communicating to others

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