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Hi Dee,

Thanks for your kind words. I'm so glad you like the project. You can see two tutorials that are up on the site. Just look at the right hand column and click either of them to access the step-by-step instructions. I have two more tutorials that are due, but I've been on the road. I hope to add the next couple in a few weeks. Keep checking back for additions; 12 tutorials this year in all!

These jars are filled with Carmex's healing lip balm (you know, the kind you can buy at abou any drugstore around the world - in 40 countries anyway!) Once empty, they can be replaced with a new bottom of a filled jar or cleaned to use for pills, mints, or tiny treasures. Take care and happy creating! - Lisa

Hi Lisa!

I saw your jars in a craft magazine and wanted to tell you - wow! I am looking forward to your tutorial on how you make the jars. Are the jars actual containers? Can you add wax or a liquid in them? When will your tutorial be available?

I can't wait to make one! Thank you for ALL you do!

Thanks Matt for you kind comment!

Thanks for all of your sharing! It really was enjoyed.

I'll have to check you out on Facebook to keep up with your new ideas.

Hey Jenny! So glad you like the project and have become a Magic Glos addict like me! I've used dryer sheets in polymer clay and other projects, but have yet to try it with MG. Great idea. In many ways it reminds me of using MG with ironed Angelina Fiber which I adore doing. I especially like putting it under my water slide image transfers as they're transparent and the fibers show from beneath with an iridescent effect. Then I add MG for a glass-like finish, yummy!

I'm in love with the random acts of creativity idea.
I want to do that where I live - thanks for the continued inspiration.

A special thank you for Magic Glos - I'm fully addicted.
I have some upcoming project ideas that involve Magic Glos and dryer sheets!!! Crazy huh? I'll have to share how it turns out.

Thanks for all you do in the creative community.

It was fun following you everyday this year.

Thank you for a fantastic year of creativity. I'm in total awe of your creations and have so enjoyed checking in daily to see what is next. I hope that you have a wonderful and creative 2013 ! :)

Every day, for the last year, I have awakened to see the Carmex jar for the day. It will be lonely without them. It has been a privilege to enjoy your art daily, and I just wanted to say thanks.

I will miss waking up each morning to find a new lid. The lids have been inspiring, so much creativity on such a small surface. I have enjoyed this blog & all the lids. Thank you for sharing this project with us. Best wishes in the New Year!

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