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Lisa great indevor! I have covered a lid or two. This will be a great project to watch. God luck and happy new year!

Lisa, what a fabulous, amazing, ambitious project! I look forward to following along, and will mention it on my blog. Can't wait to see your tiny art works!

Lisa, This will be an incredible journey and I really look forward to following you throughout the year.

What a wonderful idea and brave endeavor! I grew up near the city that makes Carmex (Franklin, WI, I believe), so it has been a staple of life. This will be fun watching you make it into a creative icon! Congrats and look forward to your ideas! Love the title too!

You are a Monster!! LOL! Looking forward to seeing all the fancy pretties!

OK, I can not wait to see what you do! Awesome!

Thanks everyone who's checked in so far. Hope you'll sign up for the feed so you can see each day's post automatically. Happy New Year!

woo hoo Lisa! I can't wait to see your creations. Carmex is the bomb!

you go gal!! i think this will be really interesting to see what you'll come up with! the teasers look fun already!

I already have an enjoy a beautiful Lisa Carmex creation and cannot wait to see hundreds more. Good luck on this totally fun and creative project!

Merci Beaucoup! I'm excited and terrified at the same time. I'm sure before the year is out I'll be saying, what was I thinking, taking this on! Regardless, it's a fun challenge and one that I'm still looking forward to, at least today.

c'est une tres aventure! bravo!!cela va etre un vrai plaisir de vous suivre !!! Merci

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